TRUE Labradoodles........

About the Breed

There is a lot of talk about "designer dog breeds". 
Mixing anything with anything and giving it's offspring a funny name can be a formula for charging lots of $$.
But the Labradoodles are a true breed of their own.
If you buy from an Australian
Multi-Gen breeder you will get the traits so desired in this breed.
But because of their immense popularity, some people will cross any Labrador with any Poodle
without any regard to genetics, temperament, or other traits and call the offspring "Labradoodles".

The result of this type of breeding is unpredictable with the pups having all sorts of coats and all sorts of looks.
Often the resulting pups have inherited the genes for a weird coat or a strange Labrador head.
This is NOT a true bred Labradoodle with it's truly desirable breed standard.
It takes MANY generations before any breed of horse, dog, cat, bird, etc. will breed true
and thereby allow itself to be called by it's true name.

Without getting too techy......the definition of "Breeding True" from Northwestern University is :
"A phenotype for a simply-inherited trait that is said to breed true if two parents with that phenotype
 produce offspring of that same phenotype exclusively."

What do all the F's and numbers mean ?
(These are NOT terms that would be used by a TRUE MULTIGEN Labradoodle breeder )

F1 is a first generation Labradoodle.  It is a Labrador Retriever bred to a Poodle.
This is the most unreliable way to know what offspring will be like
as each pups can and will pick up various qualities from either or both parents.

F1B is a second generation Labradoodle.  This is a first generation cross (as above) bred back again to a Poodle.
This is sometimes done to increase the Hypo-Allergenic qualities that the Poodle's hair coat brings
and is also occasionally done to change the coat of the of the future offspring.
F2 is a second generation Labradoodle.  It is either a first generation bred back to a first generation
or a first generation breed back to a higher generation. of all

Multi-Gen is a MANY  MANY GENERATIONS  Labradoodle which now is "breeding true" consistently
with the qualities so desired in this breed.
Please note that our dogs are ALL Multi-Gen.
Non-Shedding and Hypoallergenic

If you have someone in your home that suffers from dog allergies then this may very well be the solution.
If you have someone that has allergies, ask us to tell you the stories we know from past pups in allergic homes.
Or if you don't want to sweep up dog hair off the floor and your furniture then this may be the dog for you.
Temperament and Intelligence

Maybe I'm getting old...or I'm getting smarter.
I've never really been fond of a dog that doesn't learn quickly and isn't extremely responsive.
Be warned...Labradoodles are VERY smart and will learn from watching you.
Although our dogs are happily ranch raised and get plenty of exercise and fresh air while "helping me" with chores
they also sleep in the house and lay around much of the day watching the world go by.
That said, these are not dogs that should be kept in a crate or in an apartment all day.
They are quiet and calm until it is time to play.......and then they will have a ball tearing it up !
They NEED exercise daily both physically and mentally.



The words " Small, Medium, Large" do NOT apply to a
We will quote you an expected size at maturity.
Those other words are often used by "cross breeders", not by us.
 Coat Descriptions

does not have a varying type of coat.
Those words of fleece, wavy, curly, etc are used by cross breeders.
Our MULTIGEN dogs ALL have exactly the same coat type as it is bred into them
over the MANY MANY generations.

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