A Wizards Spell Razz-Ma-Taz - aka Razz
Razz is an Australian Multi-Gen Labradoodle - 24 lbs.

 Razz's color is sometimes black and white and sometimes chocolate and white depending on the weather.
She is full of energy and learns new things immediately...some of which I actually teach her :)
She has a fabulous disposition and enjoys working the ranch with me.
While I'm driving the golf cart around the property ( technically the horses' "feed wagon")
you can always see Razz running alongside to "help".


Look closely.  She is guarding her ice cube.
This is one of my favorite photos of Razz and La-Di.   They know they can't come in my office so they stop at the door.
Razz of course pushes her luck by standing on the throw rug.
I call this  " We aren't allowed."

I gave her a Summer haircut during the record heat of 2011 and although I was happy to see her eyes more easily
I really kind of like the "Shaggy Dog" look better.

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