A Wizards Spell La-Di-Da - aka La-Di ( pronounced Lah-Dee)
La-Di is an Australian Medium Multi-Gen Labradoodle - 45 lbs.
 Although all of our dogs are extremely well-behaved and spoiled rotten,
La-Di is one of those very special dogs.
She was always at my side from the time she was a pup. 
I never had to teach her to "heel" as she was always right  there.
I don't think they come any sweeter and her pups have learned that from her.
 La-Di is  black black ... but sun faded a bit after Summer of 2011.
She loves a good game of "fetch"....usually longer than I do  :)
And then she is quite happy to take a nap inside.
This one cracks me up...note the boys in the background napping on each other under the table.
There were a lot more comfortable places to sleep.

She knows she isn't allowed to go all the way into my carpeted office so she stays on the throw rug as close as she can get.    :)
Smartie pants.
She got a Summer haircut.   I can see her sweet eyes before it grows back into a "Shaggy Dog".

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