A Wizards Spell Bogie is our little fabulous stud.

Bogie is an Australian Mini Multi-Gen Labradoodle - 23 lbs.
This boy is all anyone could ever ask for in a young stud.
He is kind and gentle and pays attention to his owner over the distractions of females.
He has kind eyes and is a sweet and small with a great coat.
He loves to play and runs like the wind but comes racing back to you when you call him.
His puppies are just like their Dad.


His sweet eyes are hard to resist....when you can see them that is   :)

"Speedy" would be another name for him. 
Don't miss the video on our previous page where he is "tearing it up !"
He's a hoot.
But he also knows when enough is enough....  ZZZZzzzzzzz
Along with his Mini Aussie buddy.

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